• Vote “No” to Excessive Taxes on April 5th!

    Tuesday, April 5th, Wilmette School District 39 is asking voters to approve a $6.4 million referendum to cover a current year deficit of $5.5 million.

    For years, District 39 has been running a deficit, paying bills by drawing down District fund balances that had been accumulated in previous years, before spending began to exceed revenues.

    A succession of recent D39 Boards of Education has accepted these deficits, and giving in to excessive demands by the Wilmette Education Association (teachers union) for salary increases that that average 5.6 percent each year, regardless of teacher performance.

    Having failed to take appropriate action for years--adjusting spending so as not to exceed revenues--D39 now wants Wilmette taxpayers to approve a permanent higher tax rate, one that would raise taxes $706 each year on an average ($12,000) real estate tax bill.

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OMG of the Day: Winnetka is bankrolling Decline39!

“Big money from Winnetka is funding Decline39!” (This was actually reported to us by a friend from Winnetka.) Now, why would Winnetka want the Wilmette school referendum to fail? Easy! Potential north shore buyers would reject Wilmette in favor of Winnetka, thereby¬†putting upward pressure on home prices there!! Very, very clever on Winnetka’s part, don’t … Continue reading