Our Plan

Our plan to deal with the District 39 deficit is simple:

  1. The teachers union (WEA) must agree to a salary freeze now. The District estimates $1.4M in savings for each year from this step.

  2. Having passed a 67% income tax increase, Governor Quinn plans on borrowing money to pay off overdue bills and restore funding to school district that have not been paid. See: State Board recommends funding restoration and Quinn ‘s borrowing plan. This would restore $1M in Illinois state aid.
  3. The District has already identified $4.3M in “minimal-impact” savings. The District should find another $1M in further cuts. (If the $4.3M they already have were “minimal-impact,” why weren’t they cut years ago, when the District went into deficit spending?)
  4. The current administrator count is 15.5; in 1998, it was 12. Assuming total administrator compensation of $100K each, returning to 1998 levels would save $350K.

The total of the four items above is $3.75M, about 70% of the current deficit. Until further reductions can be found to bring the budget into balance, no layoffs nor non-essential program cuts would be immediately necessary.


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